Blog Review: Assignment 3

Alex’s topic of net neutrality and its consequences in Assignment 3, is a topic that allows for many interesting design ideas however Alex seemed to go for generic as opposed to creative.

Alex’s Texture images were good textures except for the fact that there was little diversity in his images.  The foreground images excelled at being related to the topic of net neutrality but they were comprised mostly of stock images and also had little diversity.

Examples of more diverse pictures related to the topic are locked computers or Images of non-recognizable people at computers to let the viewer of the image interpret the design and not be “boxed in” on their interpretation.

Alex’s final image has multiple flaws:

  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the poster boy for Net neutrality, is too recognizable
  • Using stock image cords randomly placed cluttering the image
  • The background texture takes attention away from the foreground images

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